Saturday, April 19, 2014

Filthy Liars - "If All Else Fails (Cry & Cry Again) Download & Review


Wow, what a terrible winter. Thankfully this record got me through the last stretch of it. Actually, the first time I listened to it was stoned walking up Agricola in a downpour that washed away all the piles of snow haunting the sidewalk. This felt appropriate to me since the songs all have a theme of "well, everything is terrible now but maybe it won't be someday?"
Anyways, this is the second release by former HFX kids, Filthy Liars, & their first as an electric band.
While I loved their acoustic demo & everything about it, I'm also excited about their new, adapted sound. It's rough, melodic pop punk with a bunch of mid 2000's emo influences in there. What's cool though is that even though it's sappy, sad & catchy, it's also pretty punk & scrappy most of the time. When there are brief screamed vocals, the band sounds more like Witch Hunt than Finch. I keep imagining a shaky snare stand & cans of soda falling off of little borrowed practice amps in a damp Vancouver garage.
A couple of the songs are old acoustic ones reworked, & the rest are new. For the most part, I prefer the originals from their stripped down demo, while other times, like on "Bags & Bottles", a song which I fucking love, the electric switch only makes it better. I no longer want to cry on the floor, instead I want to rip open my ribcage & start throwing my insides around. The new songs pretty much all slay & have that epic scream along capability in them constantly. The lyrics are 100% this bands strongest point sung in beautiful harmonies that feel like a knife in the stomach from someone you really care about.
Super impressed! & they're coming out east on tour in May so you'll be able to pick up a cassette at a show soon. Until then, the record is online @

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