Sunday, January 12, 2014

Atlantic Canada Hardcore & Punk

Oh hi! I'm Ian and this is my first post here!! Just wanted to let y'all know about a blog i've been doing about punk and hardcore bands from Atlantic Canada. You can find it right here:
A lot of it is from stuff I've collected since I started going to shows way back in 1986, but a lot of it I have dug up more recently. As well for many of the entries I have tracked down the band members and interviewed them. Here is a quick breakdown of bands I have covered so far:

Absolutely Nothing - pop punk from the mid 90's, and I believe Halifax's first all female punk band!
Alderknot - Fredericton poppy punk from early 90's
Tetrus - early 90's melodic Punk from Halifax
The Quayhogs - mid 90's Hali pop punk
The Moaning Lisas - all female new brunswick punk band
The Chitz - halifax hardcore from the mid 90's
Neighbourhood Watch - Fredericton hardcore from the mid 80's
Slow Death - PEI's first hardcore band circa 1985
System Overload - Halifax hardcore punk from the late 80's
Guilt Parade - the most well known punk band to come from New Brunswick. mid 80's hardcore that influenced Propagandhi

System Overload @ Jobbers (Robie St, Halifax) Winter 1987-1988

Much, much more to come. Always looking for photos, fliers, videos, mp3s of older bands. Email me at with suggestions or contributions. Also in the works may be a book on this topic! Exciting stuff!! Thanks for looking
- Ian

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