Wednesday, December 4, 2013

show photos & videos - point pleasant (december 1st)

sipping hot chocolate dosed with whiskey while ROOT ROT played their first show since last year @ sad rad, surrounded by the unforgiving ocean & often gloomy landscape of point pleasant park. dog walkers were confused by the noise but disappeared as quickly as the cloud covered sun. in the dark, GRUMP set up second & played through their new demo while the cement turned to black ice & I fell onto my palms. 4-LOM played last with frozen fingers & candles falling off the amps. by far one of the best shows to happen this year... & it was on a sunday in the wooded trails of the south end, in december & yet you weird chilly fuckers still came out, supported & slayed. hope the walk home was safe & not a slippy death ride like ours was.

halifax punx/ sad rad life/ fuck the bars/ squat the bunkers etc.

here are some videos! please feel free to email links to videos or if you want to upload anything to the diy halifax youtube channel, send an email & I'll give you the password!

ROOT ROT - DISLIKE @ point pleasant
GRUMP @ point pleasant

see ya on saturday!

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