Sunday, November 24, 2013


We are a group of miscreants living on the east coast who are wanting to put together a compilation album that celebrates anti-speciesist revolt and all beings' resistance to human existence.  We're passionate about animal liberation, direct action and ending civilisation.  We feel that the human domination over this planet needs to end and we love&fight for a world that rejects labels, borders and heirarchy of all kinds.  Up da liberated wild!  

We're inspired by the flurry of actions that push towards the liberation of all species, in particular the destruction of the police training centre in Portishead, UK which was done in conjunction with the start of a state-sanctioned badger cull, and the new, exciting collaborations happening between ELF and CCF cells in places like Moscow.  As well, we cheer to hear about the many actions taken by beings who are enslaved and captured everywhere for the profit of humans; from hens escaping their slaughter - to chimps mauling their captors - to tigers failing to perform their tricks and instead attacking their attackers - to human prisoners fighting the apparatus from the inside, we celebrate the actions taken by beings towards liberated freedom.

We would love an original submission from you for the album because your creativity inspires us and we think you're great.  Pass this call-out around to anyone you think would be excited about this project; we're open to all styles of music, or other audio projects (poetry, etc), and if you feel you'd like to collaborate on this in some other way (album art, etc) then please get in touch!  All proceeds from sales on bandcamp and in real life will go towards prisoner support and anti-speciesist projects in the northeast.  We're hoping to start compiling everything in early Feb, so if you're wanting to contribute, try to do so before then!

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