Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eekum Seekum Music Video Shoot

3:30 PM
til 8ish
2086 Creighton Street
Saturday Sept 28

We're shooting 2 videos in one day!  We want you to come dance around, get sloppy with us, sing along and generally make everything look fun and punk as fuck.

"Hand Pies" is a song about raunchy queer sex and liberation. It's also sort of about how dirty "hand pies" sounds, so we're going to throw a bunch of food around, get silly, dance etc.

"Under the Vinyl Siding the Cedar" is a song about gentrification in the North End and leaving Creighton Manor. We're going to film shots in all the vacant (and most of the occupied) apartments, on the roof, in RSSC and on the stoop.

We'll be filming both videos in one day so come prepared for both, pop in and out, come early or late. Whatever you can do, we're glad to have you! We just need a bunch of pals so the mosh pits look full and fun.

Dress Up! Wear whatever you feel good in. We'll provide some glamming up options but come prepared if you got glam. Think "summer-queer-sex-punk-as-fuck" for Hand Pies and "gloomy-dark-all-noir-evil" for Under the Vinyl Siding the Cedar.
Questions, queries, excitement? email Emily

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