Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Primary Stress - Demo (2013) Review and Download

PRIMARY STRESS - Demo (2013)

It’s been said a lot lately, but the punk scene in Halifax has been cranking out a ton of great bands, and those bands have been producing some pretty great demos. Primary Stress’ new four song tape is no exception. With a pedigree including Eekum Seekum, Vixens, Life Chain, and Hex Partners, this band stands apart from their other respective projects with equal parts crusty heaviness and black metal inspired melodic riffage, with pounding drums and dual vocals. I’ve used this description a couple of times already, but “early-Darkthrone-meets-early-From-Ashes-Rise-or-other-heavy-yet-melodic-90’s-Prank-Records-band” is one comparison that could be made. Epic blackened leads with blasting drumming descend into fist-pumping thunderous breakdowns. The sound quality is raw and punk as fuck, which suits Primary Stress perfectly.
The lyrics to the opening track, To Whatever End, betrays a love of JRR Tolkien, using references to Gondor and its mad ruler to discuss loss and longing for a loved one far away in battle. The rest of the songs deal with pain and depression (Isolated Existence), animal abuse (Corridor), and mysterious hiker deaths in the Russian wilderness (Dyatlov Pass).
Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this tape right away. Just do it. It is a decision you will not regret.

Listen here.

- Dan Hayward

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