Friday, June 7, 2013

filthy liars - "hfx demo" (2013) - download & review


this is the most sincere, honest & self reflective music I've heard in so long. part boy band, part acoustic emo punk.
were you obsessed with bright eyes & dashboard in high school? you'd probably love this record...

"when you cannot recognize what is genuine, ingest these poisons just to lower your defenses for awhile, but they take what's worth sharing from you, so fuck that."

"I won't stop fighting as long as I'm breathing. I'll find what works if I keep believing. I remember how it felt when I said & I meant that your head on my chest made my history hurt less.

these are the kind of beautiful heartbreaking lyrics that I would get tattooed on my legs.
filthy liars make me feel like I'm twenty one again. so much truth & beauty. even crusties cry right?


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