Thursday, April 25, 2013

the graboids - "back to perfection" 7" (2013) stream

the graboids are ridiculous.
they for sure have one of the most energetic live shows in our city, but unfortunately they are kind of a bar band, which sucks because I'm sure that middle school weirdo geeks would dig the shit out of them.
they've definitely built a neat little world around themselves that involves a lot of wild drunken antics & ongoing live wrestling feuds with gus' pub bartenders & other locals.

this 7" is pretty standard for them. the songs are hella immature, sometimes maybe too much. I still dig their first 7" inch the best but this one fits in well with their growing catalog. perhaps I just enjoy self deprecating songs about being a lazy drunk over tunes about mom's dating greasy dudes? regardless anyone who is into this band already will agree that it's a pretty solid 7" & you really have to applaud any local band who takes the time & effort to put out their own vinyl.
recommended for fans of all that totally great garage punk ramones worship stuff you hear on monday nights at reflections.


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