Tuesday, March 19, 2013


hey folks, march has been a really busy month! a lot of shows, a lot of plans & definitely a lot of change.
this is going to be an interesting summer for halifax. we were just getting used to the comfort of having our own venue, the sad rad, & now suddenly we are looking once again for a new weird space to call home. if anyone has anyone affordable suggestions as to where sad rad can live come april 1st, please get in touch through sadrad.h-a-z.org.
there are rumours of a generator being bought & the summer being one of spontaneity & shows in unconventional spaces. there's no way we can let up now.
for the rest of march, sad rad will be surviving as usual & there are a ton of celebratory shows going on. don't miss the final show on sunday, may 31st where all of the random lottery bands that were created in february will play for the first time. this will be a suitable end to the young street spot, as these random bands will represent the punk scene's coming together as a result of sad rad. also, bring your band to this show & play a few songs? gear will be available, just show up! bands all night. huge group photo at some point? we're hoping to give the national radiator folks downstairs a nice card/photo as thanks for their support over the past year. don't miss out!
in other news, the fourth issue of SCRUTINY ZINE is out now! featuring interviews, band write ups & reviews, with that characteristic xeroxed to death look. the zine folds out into a full size poster too. be sure to get a copy at one of the upcoming shows or by tracking adam down yourself.

there has been an effort recently to try & archive as much halifax punk music as possible. anyone who hasn't should check out the DIY HALIFAX MUSIC SHARE & bask in the history. upload your own records too & help preserve all of these forgotten demos & records.
if you're into the folk punk side of things, there's also the halifax folk punk archive as well.

roberts street social centre is gearing up for a move as well, & will be hosting their last event in the tiny red house before setting up shop on the corner of creighton & falkland later this spring.
come out to rat skool, a night of subject lottery presentations.
the randomly drawn topics for this month are...

- black holes
- the difference between mice & rats
- why is dentistry so expensive?

thursday, march 21st @ 5684 roberts street.
7 pm / pwyc

harbour water fest four is coming up in a few months & will take place once again at shake it dance studio (& a various other places in the neighbourhood) on may 31st, june 1st & 2nd.
25 bands, three days, workshops, zine readings etc.
a full list of bands will be announced probably sometime in early april. the fest this year is a fundraiser for the sad rad collective & maritime pit project.

as far as new music goes... there are two new songs out from LIFE CHAIN, GRUMP just released their self titled demo last week & HEX PARTNERS just put a live recording online in anticipation of their upcoming tape. I super recommend checking all of this stuff out.

lastly, if anyone wants to leave a comment, talk some shit or suggest anything... do it here on the archaic as fuck diy halifax messageboard.
anyone wanting to submit content, do a review, post an interview or anything AT ALL, please email diyhalifaxATgmailDOT.com


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