Sunday, February 10, 2013

show photos & review from friday feb 8th @ sad rad

Friday February 8th saw another amazingly fun night at the sadrad. I was really excited When I saw the posting for this show with Four new bands and Two Local Favorites Concrete Asylum and Back from there mini us/Canada tour Life Chain. The night started off With Weed Thief who are a kind of Doomy/stoner metalish band with Gruff Shouted Vocals and Wicked bass Riffs they were really fun to watch and Sounded really tight this was a hint of what was to come from the other new bands.

Up next was Nuisance it was our first show and the energy at the sadrad made it a really fun set to play.
Bricks was next. I had recently read an article about them and had heard there demo. Allot of people were saying good things and (as far as I know) this was there first show. When they started playing right away I was blown away by there energy they played a really good set and lived up to all the hype that was surrounding them .

Life chain was next up they just Finished there Demo and did a small tour of Quebec, Ontario, Ma, Ct and Ny. There Sound had really tightened up allot. They had a cool new banner and they were Noisey as fuck. They played a fun set and People were really into it.

Sleight was another new band.They had kind of a 90's Powerviolence sound they were Really heavy and had Guttural Belted out vocals. It's really good to see a band in this area that has this type of sound defiantly something different and refreshing.

The last band to play was Concrete Asylum. I Had not seen them play for a while, There Guitar sound had really gotten Blown out and Noisy since the last time I saw them Which made there Live Performance sound more like there socialanxiety Ep then they had before.
Every time I see these guys they are always on point. Amazing drums allot of energy from the whole band.

All in all the night was a really fun time. People respected the venue and it was awesome to see some new bands that were really well put together. If you missed this show not to worry this night was recorded and posted on Soundcloud.


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