Wednesday, January 30, 2013

show photos - january 24th @ sad rad

this evening fell on what was likely the coldest night of the year, yet still folks came out to embrace the grimness & sit quietly with warm mason jars full of hot toddys.

jae played downtuned, dark & heavy country folk songs while the candles flickered & lit up a corner of the room.

hex partners laid down a skull with crystal eyes & summoned up doomy delusions & took the crowd from a comfortable but sad limbo into imaginary frozen depths.

sockfoot sang beautifully with a secret chorus of supporters & conjured up images of a wintery forest, full of predators & glowing eyes.

lastly, as the room was finally warm, jakery, accompanied by anonymous puppeteers, played slow & emotional ukulele songs surrounded by dancing shadows & monsters.

& all of it was beautiful.

photos by lucky.

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