Friday, December 28, 2012

show photos & review - december 16th @ the awffle house

Over all I had a great time at the inaugural Awffle House show. The basement is big enough for lawn bowling, or a rave - so it set up really nicely for the house show. It was definitely worth the trek, and I'm looking forward to more shows there!

This was a solid set by Bitterfucked. While the instrumental tunes kept my attention I was most drawn in by his throaty and lilting vocals. I have to say I whole heartlessly disagree with Isaac Asimov's assertion that accordions sound like braying dogs…unless dog brays sound like awesomeness and magic.

Trading her uke' for a guitar, Whimsy and Spite was charming nonetheless.
Her wonderfully affected vocals reek on nostalgia in the best way. This set had the vibe of old pals reuniting with people from the crowd calling out names of favourite tunes and lots of folks singing along. Great welcome back to the east coast for Whimsy and Spite.

To be honest, Chief Thundercloud is not my thing because I hate this band name.

J. Riley Hill and Bipolar Bears (Winnipeg) were scrappy, lively and fun to move around to. Riley (lead vocal/guitar) said they hadn't played a set to people who danced for a while, which seemed to hard to believe by the way Halifax punx were getting down. Their sound was country-jamboree meets
folk-fest but was rough enough around the edges and interesting. Best parts were the songs with vocals by the whole gang.

Full disclosure I play bass in Eekum Seekum, so this won't be a review so much as a thank you. This show was pretty much the one year anniversary to our first show at the Burrow last december. So thanks to everyone who has come out and supported us in making the scene more queer and trans posi. We love you!

Words : Emily D.
Photos : Lucky

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