Friday, November 30, 2012


posted by request of the burrow

"Hey everyone! We are raising funds for the recovery of a young child on Hornby Island, BC. The winter cold is creeping in so you should probably come drink some whiskey (and/or tea) with us and spend an evening listening to the wonderful music of:

L'Roule Avec
+ More TBA. Stay posted, it'll be good. Super good.

8PM SHARP (Dont'cha hate missing the first band?) FRIDAY DECEMBER 7TH. 5$/PWYC.
**Any sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic behavior or just being an asshole in general may result in you being asked to leave** But otherwise, bring yr friends and maybe some apple cider!

Here's the deal: Ursula (1.5 years old) just underwent major brain surgery on October 26th to remove a large tumor. Michael John and Cerridwen (Ursula's parents) are living full time at the hospital taking care of Ursula while finding it difficult to care for their other young children aged 3 and 8.
Ursula had a 4.5 cm large tumor - which is large - on the right side of her brain, on the rear, pushing against the cerebellum - the small brain - and pressing against the brain stem. The cerebellum controls speech, motor function, swallowing, cheeks, eyes etc.

Ursula survived the surgery, but now the road to recovery is long and is requiring the full time care of Micheal John and Cerridwen in the BC Children's Hospital.

To donate or read more, follow this link."

DIY HALIFAX SIDENOTE: although this event is clearly for an extremely worthwhile cause (one that I have nothing but sympathy for & do not wish to take attention away from) the burrow has been known to accept perpetrators of sexual abuse into their space much to the dismay of many in halifax. I feel it is important to acknowledge this.

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