Wednesday, October 24, 2012

show photos - november 19th @ sad rad

sometimes when I see flyers for upcoming shows I can't believe all of the bands on the lineup are halifax locals. we are so lucky to have such an active punk scene lately & with the recent collectivizing of sad rad & the future for diy punk in hali looking so goddamn positive I really think this might be the year that winter doesn't destroy me & you.
this was a ridiculously good show & really confirmed what I've been saying & thinking for awhile... halifax bands as a group are better than other cities' bands. period.
silent order had a 7" out at this show & I really wish that I could have picked up a copy. they had a new bass player & sounded pretty good. screechy vocals & a shit load of blast beats were what I remember.

up & comers, life chain went on second & played to a room full of wild kids, some obviously there for the first time. this band is lovely. not only are they nice folks, they are all ridiculously talented & even though I don't really like discharge or any of the bands these folks seem to worship, I still loved their set & have been listening to their demo fairly regularly online. the vocals especially were sick & I find myself humming some of the riffs in my head while I air drum at work.

abject pax are weird. after hearing their demo & really absorbing the sounds & subject matter for a bit, I think I finally get "it". I was a bit high & found myself isolating every instrument & sound in my head as their set went on. everyone is playing their own bizarre parts but they mesh together in a way that is unique. they are punk but don't rely on any predictable punk sounds to get their message across.
I now love abject pax. they have for sure won me over.

napalm raid headlined & went off for awhile, even playing a few encores at the crowds insistence. everyone loves them. I don't have to tell you much more than that.

this show was three bucks at the door & proved you don't need ridiculous door prices to get a good amount of money out of a punk show, you just need people to care & for the bands to be good.
all the funds went directly into making sad rad a better place to play & jam at. fuck yes.

words: ryley
photos: sammy (except the ones of silent order by cara or ryley)

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