Saturday, October 6, 2012


well, it's autumn once again in halifax & with the changing leaves comes the scary pro-lifers that haunt south park street for forty goddamn days straight.
some folks are planning a little welcoming party for them... here are the details we have received & been asked to post...


Sunday @1pm

South Park Road (hospital entrance)
by the 40 Days for Life Vigil

wear corpse paint if ya want, bring signs

bring the gloom!

tell your friends!

so I guess start dubbing darkthrone's unholy trinity onto cassette, roll around in a muddy grave yard & go scare the shit out of the candle wielding folks in front of the hospital.


  1. Hey folks, please just keep in mind that the pro-life jerks aren't the only people that are going to be around the hospital.
    While making yer displeasure with the 40 days folks known is super important, it's also important to show support for the people actually going in to use the clinic. It's a scary thing to go into the hospital for abortion services, and seeing a bunch of angry kids in corpse paint might not make it a more comfortable experience for everyone.

  2. Hey!

    We actually found out about your demonstration from the anti-choice blog.

    I help run Support Choice Halifax, which is a coalition group in Halifax looking to provide support for people accessing abortion and other reproductive health services.

    Obviously our platform is geared more towards education and outreach, but if anyone in your group would be interested in joining us we go to the VG ever wed to demonstrate peacefully and support people accessing the hospital.

    If you would rather do your own confrontational demonstration, that is cool too. Just offering a different perspective if you'd like to jump in on it.

    You may also be interested to know that tomorrow at the Westin STEVEN WOODWORTH the conversative MP who put forward the anti-abortion bill into parliment is hosting a 100$ a plate diner in support of 40 days for life.
    Taken from an anti-women/anti-choice halifax blog:
    stephen Woodworth will be the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner in Halifax.
    Thursday, October 11
    6:30 - 9:00 pm
    Westin Hotel, Halifax NS