Monday, September 10, 2012

eekum seekum -"glitter bomb" (2012) review & download

eekum seekum has existed for as a band for a while now but the words "eekum seekum" have existed since before turtle island broke away from pangea a million million years ago in some ancient dinosaur language: "to hunt those who oppress"'. I think its supposed to be pronounced like some sort of hacking coughing noise like how gollum would have said it. that's how you should start saying it. it's also probably the name of some enormous predatory creature that would crawl out of the ocean and pull an entire police van under with a single tentacle before impaling it on it's unicorn horn. 
I love this album. you can definitely hear the influence of each member of the band and what they had planned for it to sound like. the result is something that sounds really queer & aggressive (glitter & bomb). at least one of the members wanted eekum seekum to be a crust band which really comes through in a lot of songs.
the songs fade from lighthearted lyrics about summer, jenga and raunchy queer sex, to police brutality, shaming Halifax pride, and suicide all pretty abruptly which I like a lot. its nice to listen to an album that can fill such a big spectrum both musically and lyrically. 

  genre? aggro-pop crust / anti-anti-fem.

the would be familiar vocals are super guttural and beautiful. they sound like pop punk being punched in the stomach (good thing). the drums are super tight and watching them play live is real dandy. with the eerie sounding guitar riffs its a perfect equation and helps differentiate them from other screamy shouty punk type bands, that you might otherwise confuse.
eekum seekum stands up to scrutiny with ease, so bring it on. they live their lyrics and let their actions reinforce them in trying to make neighbourhoods, venues, and the halifax punk community a more inclusive, aware, and happier place.
I'm not sure what else to say, I could listen to this album any time, it doesn't fucking matter. I hope that a new album happens this winter. I know that there are new songs but haven't really heard anything about what they're planning to do with them. 
they live here and play shows often enough so go to the next one and dance your butt off, they're really good for that.
<3 (thanks for the parking and the grapes)

- Beyon


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