Friday, August 3, 2012


saturday, august 4th, 2012
4pm @ the sad rad (5820 young st.)


I'm told this matinee will be quite psychedelic. come by if you're looking for somewhere to space out on saturday afternoon.

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  1. show review:
    there is a good chance you missed it as it was a small and intimate gathering. what exactly you probably missed is difficult to describe.
    it was supposed to be an all ages show at sad rad with four bands - two of which were on tour. what happened instead was closer to an interactive community experience. if i wasn't such a stubborn atheist i might even say it bordered on "spiritual" but i am a stubborn atheist and saying something is spiritual is usually pretty cheesy, so i wont. i'll leave it at "really, really amazing!" was i high? whats
    that got to do with anything? it started hours later then it was supposed to. three of the four bands didn't show up, two of which didn't even try to make an excuse let alone contact the venue to cancel - the other had some problems with gear - but it didn't matter.
    organisation was there and got things moving. they brought some friends along to help out on vocals and offered an open invitation to the audience to join in. there was a real sense of immersion that i haven't felt at a show before. sure i've been to basement shows where a dozen or more kids are all singing along together, and that can be really amazing too - but this was more than that. i didnt physically
    participate, but i still felt like i was part of the performance. i think everyone in the room did. the set went from sassy blues to funk to no wave chaos with an organic flow. i get the feeling the next time i see organisation play - and i hope it's soon - it will be different.
    if you get the chance to see them, do it! i left feeling like i had witnessed something. i felt inspired, i felt positive, and i felt good. thank you organisation!