Tuesday, July 10, 2012

milk moustache - "it is what it is" demo (2012) download

maybe milk moustache aren't "punk" but I don't really care. they're fucking great. I saw them for the first time back in april at the last almon house show & from the first song on I knew I was in love. they kick out the jams, 100 percent.
they play around with an eclectic mix of sounds, mixing pop, rock, punk, indie & even funk at times. in a punk scene obsessed with emulation & dead band worship they stand out as pretty unique.
kt lamond, the lead singer has a fairly recognizable scratchy & melodic voice, complimented by back ups from bass player, kirk schnare. the simple piano parts give the songs a bit more depth & colour, while still fitting into the mix fairly well.
folks into pop punk/indie rock/weird jammy stuff will probably find something on this demo they like.


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