Sunday, June 17, 2012

skurm - "unkind" (2011) download

skurm were a relatively short lived dark hardcore punk band from charlottetown.
they only came down to play halifax once, which was during harbour water fest last year. out of all of the bands I saw that weekend they were a definite highlight. I still listen to this record pretty frequently even a year later & now that they've broken up I think it's safe to throw this up for free download so everyone can hear it.
one aspect of this album that differs from a lot of hardcore albums in the maritimes is the production value. this record sounds really ridiculously good in a "we actually went into a studio" kind of way, especially the drums which are full of double kicks & all sorts of rad fills.
skurm don't waste any time. each song is short, fast as fuck & pissed. I think they probably had some definite grind influences.

for fans of detestation, makiladoras, missed life (another long dead band that story was in) etc.


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