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show photos & review - may 27th hwf3 night

The last show show of Harbour Water Fest 3 was a really great wrap-up to the whole fest. It was at The Lavender Den, and there were sets by Ryley The Official Sucker, Malarky, Bless Yr Heart, Jakery, Bloodbeard, and Snail Party. The basement was pleasantly packed, and I think we were able to all get cozy squeezed in sitting on mattresses or the floor.
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I'm here visiting and doing an artist/zine residency at Roberts Street Social Centre. So I hadn't heard any of the bands before this show, or so I thought.

Unfortunately, I missed most of Ryley's set. My mind is always set on punk time I guess. I caught the last song, which was great. Since then, I've caught myself up with Ryley's stuff on bandcamp, and I really dig it. I really appreciate honest lyrics, and good 'ol folk punk style tunes, especially with queer positive subject matter. The Official Suckers are great too!

Malarky was awesome! Accordian always amazes me. I also really appreciated the Spoonboy cover. That was really fun to sing along to. It's been fun to realize that punx all over the place listen to the same diy folk punk music. :)

Bless Yr Heart was great and really funny and theatrical. It was so awesome to see everyone laughing and having a good time. When they played the "Beer for Breakfast" song, I realized that I have seen this band before! They played in Milwaukee several years ago when the band was called Milkbag Brother. At first I asked the person next to me if they were playing a cover, but when they said they hadn't heard it before, I realized why I had heard it before. I have to say, I dig the new band name! And I dig beer for breakfast once in a while, sometimes for lunch, and often for dinner.

Jakery's set was super fun. Ukelele cuteness. I really enjoyed that they read from their zine as well That inspired me to incorporate zine readings into music shows more often. At my house in Milwaukee, we often have poetry readings and music mixed in at shows, but not really zine readings. That's something I should start doing. I liked that Jakery's songs and zine reading were really open and honest. I also liked the poetic nature of the lyrics and vocal style. And more queer subject matter!

Bloodbeard was great. Some songs were a cappella and they have a really gorgeous singing voice, so that was super rad!

Bloodbeard and Jakery did a song together which was really awesome and adorable.

Then they did a puppet show! It was a shadow puppet show that went along with one of their songs. I loved that. The shadow puppets were really beautiful, as was the backdrop/stage/sheet they used.

Snail Party ended the show and they were amazing. They were kind of a small orchestra with guitar, violin, cello, saw, accordian, and more that I couldn't see or can't remember. It was very apparent that everyone who knows Snail Party loves Snail Party, and I ended up feeling the same way. Snail Party plays the kinda music that makes you feel moved and inspired, even if you don't know what for. I also really liked their face makeup that made the whole set real magical.

I didn't go watch Water World after the show but I heard it was rad.

Overall, Harbour Water Fest 3 was freakin' amazing and inspiring and I'm so pumped to have been in Halifax for it. My whole time here has been worlds of fun and magic. Thanks Halifax for upping the punx!

- Shannon Connor

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