Tuesday, June 12, 2012

show photos & review - may 26th hwf3 night

the second night of harbour water fest three.
with the show starting somewhat more on time than the previous evening, key teens opened & played a short set of simple, personal pop punk songs. lyrically they mostly focus on the failings & expectations of our lives & our cities but also have songs about friends & feeling inspired once & awhile by them. this was only the second time I ever saw key teens play but I knew bits of the lyrics just from listening to their cassette demo a few times over & sang along with a few other folks standing up front.
remise started up pretty much immediately after & thrashed around, screaming & stomping amongst themselves. they had a long drawn out beautiful ending with members crouching on the floor, getting quieter & slower after all the chaos. fans of saetia would be into these folks, with their broken voices talking vague poetry, still beautiful & fucked up at the same time. nice people too.

two piece sea sick powerviolence band, uncle went on after a short break & made the crowd spasm & nod their heads all out of time & dizzy. featuring members of skurm, matt & story make ugly magic together with only drums & a bass. one of my favourite sets of the fest. I really can't wait to hear more from this band. someone convince them to move from charlottetown down to hali?

by the time force quit started setting up, the venue was packed pretty well to capacity, maybe 300 people from a approximate headcount that we did.
force quit were fierce & got everyone tearing shit up. folks were losing glasses, spilling drinks & smiling the entire time. it felt like the audience was really there for them. an enormous circle pit swallowed up the bulk of the floor & while people fell, they got picked up just as quickly & thrown back into the crowd blender.

the fucking gummi bears, likely the only ska punk band on the east coast kept everyone going, skanking around all silly & shamelessly half naked & sweaty. everyone was pretty positive & still full of energy.

the last band of the night, prmtv ccmltn brought the noise, shaky & echoing, prehistoric & scary. this was a great end to an eclectic but solid line up of bands.

photos: rosie toes
words: ryley

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