Monday, June 4, 2012

show photos & review - may 25th hwf3 afternoon

Each year it’s becoming more and more like a reunion for me. There are a lot of faces that only show
themselves in late may, and then are gone again.  8 o’clock woke me up saying “its here! Aren’t you excited?” I said I was pretty excited then ate breakfast and smoked.  Pretty quick the backyard filled with travelers / locals and their dogs voices. I was really overwhelmed by the crowd but managed to find everyone I’ve been missing over the winter and hug them.
Star began playing banjo and by the second song a crater of punks had formed around her, dogs were chasing each other in all directions and occasionally digging out the garden when their bone landed in the beds and buried itself there.

star (photo: rosie toes)

Mournwood made there way to the epicenter of the yard and began singing; when they play music together it looks like the most right thing in the world. Smiles come out of them that are either hidden or absent on most days, and it makes me feel pretty happy to be near enough to see. Their set finished with them being trampled by turtles.

punx & rats (photo: rosie)

And then sockfoot, The lineup is different every time I see them, this time it was ghostly and quiet with only guitar and saw, they played a bunch of new songs which were beautiful, and then some older ones which allowed most of the backyard to sing along and get stoked.

sockfoot (photo: rosie toes)

sockfoot (photo: ryley)

By this point I had crawled up to the roof of the bus to escape the wanderings below and get a good view of everyone on the ground. All I could think about was how much I missed all of these BxFxCxSxD’s and how awesome the next several days were going to be. I’ve heard so many weird stories about how cold and depressing this winter was for so many this year. Hopefully next year is better, were all supposed to be enlightened by January according to my friend, and everything is going to turn around from there and fall into place. Something to do with the impending apocalypse I’m sure, but its nice to think that were just going to figure shit out this time and understand each other more. I guess that’s what I was thinking of on the 25th, just because It was finally feeling like summer and I was hopeful.

crowd (photo: rosie toes)

story. (photo: ryley)

I remember when story first started playing banjo, or at least the first time I heard it was nearly 3 years ago. Hearing and recognizing the same songs after all that time was adding to the throwback I was going through, My first day in Halifax was harbour water 1, I didn’t really think about it until story played through her set, but I can say I’ve been here 3 years now, and its my home too. Great! All in all, it was a beautiful day for it.  love my friends, I love Halifax, nowhere else will do.


photos: rosie toes & ryley

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