Wednesday, June 27, 2012

key teens - "no fucks given" demo (2012) review & download

 Key Teens have the key to my heart till the day they die.  I finally got to see them in real life at harbour water fest this year after missing their set when I was in Montreal. This tape is best enjoyed with kit kat pizza, stong beer, and a rooftop to sit on. Only listen to this in the winter if you are driving somewhere far away with lots of buds and need a moral boost after you have broken down, if you are having a swingin' party, or if you are afraid of passive aggressive notes being left on the door to your room about smoking inside. Depressing and heartbreaking though the lyrics may be, listening to this always makes my day a little better, somehow.. SOMEHOW.  
  "SWINGIN' PARTY REPRISE" is my favorite from the tape, “I know its sick, but I take comfort knowing, you're never gonna hate me as much as I do” are the words going through my head during uncomfortable pauses between the barely audible sentences I sometimes can manage around my friends lately, don’t know why (yes I do). Thanks a lot Steve. But I guess the song “STAY WEIRD” is there and compensates my downs with some ups. 
 I’m pretty sure "COLD COFFEE" is written about me, and probably you as well if you’re reading this. I’ll bet that if you filmed yourself from the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep or pass out at night you could make a pretty sweet music video montage for this song. I really hope that someone accepts this challenge.
 The Dave End cover is something that is something awesome. Very awesome.
 If you like dual/overlapping vox, drums that go “pop pop pop, pop pop pop, chhh", punk bass, yelling along at shows, blink 182, and pizza, you’ll like Key Teens. At least I hope that you will, I do. Then again, I just really miss my friends, and I might just be listening to this every day because I like hearing their voices. I don’t listen to pop punk all too often anymore, so it’s a little significant how much I like this tape.
 Dear Key Teens, I can't articulate how much I love you. Thank you so much for existing.  When you get back to Halifax, lets watch The Warriors and order garlic fingers. I think it would be great.


- Beyon


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Yeah I pretty much feel the same way about the key teens tape too. I get pumped and really energetic whenever I listen to it, but also sad that I'll never see them play again.... Reunion tour? Please?

  2. We haven't broken up! Just because we'll be living in different cities doesn't mean we can't keep jamming, we're just going to do a lot of traveling!

  3. AnonymousJuly 04, 2012

    Oh! That's awesome news! I thought you were gone forever...