Tuesday, June 12, 2012

batholith - "hate won't save you" e.p. (2012) download

I don't know anything about this band except they're pretty new & just released this rad demo, "hate won't save you" (named after some pretty regrettable local graffiti). they're pretty heavy, sometimes sludgey, mostly metal influenced hardcore.
tracks like "end" have a noticeable stoner vibe, mostly in the beginning. my favourite track is "faith". it starts off painfully slow & doomy but ends up pretty crushing with the screamed vocals.
they remind me of a weird mix between dillinger escape plan, salome, bongzilla & fall of efrafa.
do I know what I'm talking about? probably not.
this is a rad band though & they stand out a bit in halifax.
book them a show? or tell me when they're playing next.


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  1. we are playing this friday at the khyber with VKNGS Kuato and The Wides, and next saturday at the pavilion with Exalt and some other bands! thank you for the review!