Sunday, May 27, 2012


have you ever seen waterworld? ...the 1995 kevin costner epic about a dystopic futuristic world covered completely in ocean? where crust punks drink pee, smoke cigarettes & fight each other on the open sea, searching for clues to the mythical dry land?
have you ever seen the ulysses cut? it's probably the punkest movie that's ever existed. before waterworld was released in theaters, the film was around four hours long. fearing the target audience wouldn't have the attention spans, the studio cut the film down to two hours, removed much of the dialogue & character development & left all of the action, essentially making the film a weird disjointed mess.
years later when waterworld was beginning to screen on television they had to censor a lot of the violence which made it far too short for a three hour film block complete with commercials. they added back in the missing pieces & different scenes, yet still the film was incomplete & inconsistent.
a full version has never been officially released but fans online have taken both versions & edited them together to make a nearly four hour long version of waterworld, complete with all of the violence & action of the theatrical version & all of the plot & character development of the television version.

ever wonder what the fuck is going on in waterworld? now you can find out as we're filling in the plot holes for you & screening the ulysses cut tonight at midnight, appropriately on the halifax waterfront. bring blankets, fireworks & coffee. it'll be a late night.
meet at the ferry terminal at 12:00 (after the lavender den show).

DRY LAND IS A MYTH (well, actually it's not, & this cut of the film actually explains where dry land is geographically in the world... exciting!)

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