Saturday, May 19, 2012


here's an online mix that I threw together for harbour water fest 3. it features the majority of the bands (23 out of 25) playing over the weekend. you'll likely notice that it is really diverse stylistically & no two bands sound alike. this is intentional! we want there to be something for everyone at the fest from banjo playing smoke rolling skids, to cynical anarchist post-everything jerks, to silly queer weirdos in short shorts, to posi pop punk geeks drinking soda pop, to flailing ska kids (if they even exist anymore), to crusty angry & stoned punks who are too stubborn to dance, to honest folks who write zines & play the guitar with their fingers all quiet. punks who want something better. punks who do their best. punks who don't give a fuck, yet give ALL of the fucks at the same time.
punks who get it. that's what this is about!

1. tongan death grip - rad moves
2. key teens - swingin' party reprise
3. malhenri knox/symbols/iconoclasm - klaxon pro choix (revenge of the sith)
4. concrete asylum - lost in the crisis
5. eekum seekum - pink dollar$
6. bloodbeard - rot & cestros
7. snail party - everything is o.k. (more or less)
8. vixens - stop fucking yourself
9. ryley, the official sucker - fuck you halifax (hangover headache)
10. sockfoot - shoot into our open palms
11. uncle - caged ape
12. bless yr heart - take my heart
13. force quit - bodily domain
14. remise - salvatore
15. jakery - going deep
16. money in the banana stand - lifestyles
17. ((prmtv-ccmltn)) - psychic repression
18. fail better - blanket forts (& broken kneecaps)
19. mournwood - salve
20. the rise - catching up
21. the fucking gummi bears - over & over
22. story. - broken glass
23. celery soup - unexpectedly


fuck, I'm sitting inside & I'm sweating. it's going to be a scorcher today. blast this shit on your stoops! spread the link around.


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    Why isn't there any Andrew W K on this mix?

  2. he didn't want us to list his name (gotta keep it low key & d.i.y. remember?) so his contribution comes in after six minutes of silence at the end of the last track.
    it's an unreleased song called "party till you're punk". check it out anon!