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APRIL 16th, 2012 UPDATE

well, here we are, halfway through april & this page is looking a little unloved. I'd blame my personal life, just getting caught up with new loves, band stuff & maintaining a social network of friends outside of the internet.
regardless I'll do my best to catch up one what's been happening lately. the lapse in posting is surely not a result of stagnancy in the scene. halifax punks have been busy.

abject pax @ murder house- photo: bridget
back on the 6th there was a show over at the murder house, a little three story house with a long history in the halifax music scene. although I had been to several shows over the years in that space none of them were punk shows, so I was curious & excited to see how this night was going to go down.
the kitchen was packed! the living room was packed! I stood awkwardly bundled up in my winter coat thinking, "shit, this IS the punk scene". it seemed like everyone was there & other than some typical macho d-bags making the same predictable sexist/racist jokes (fuck off!), everyone seemed in high spirits & super posi, crowding around the free keg, paid for in full by money made at the show at gus' a week before. I hate bar shows, but I like punk, but I haaate bar shows, but I live in halifax & I love punk. it's very difficult, almost impossible to avoid bar shows in this town so I usually suck it up, pay five bucks & get bummed out by bullshit & go home feeling despondent & uninspired. what I thought was awesome though was showing up to a house show & knowing that because myself & a bunch of other punks paid five bucks at the bar a week ago we could now have a few free glasses of beer from the keg in return. that was a fucking lovely! thanks!

prmtv ccmltn @ murder house (photo: rosie davis)
every band tore it up & packed the basement to it's capacity. PRMTV CCMLTN shook the floors. NAPALM RAID brought the d-beat. ABJECT PAX cast a plague upon us all. BLIGHT screamed broken words.
all of these bands, along with friendly faces & a record player shaped cake (which I think I ate the 33 switch from) made for a very sick evening.
as if the birthday festivities, free keg & four band line up wasn't enough, this show was also a zine release for LIFE FAIL 3, written by abject pax/vixens guitarist & all around punk enthusiast, rosie davis. it showcases a lot of the new bands in the city & features interviews, photos, & a tape compilation. 14 tracks of nova scotia punk trash! I highly recommend getting a copy of this zine/tape if you're even remotely interested in local music. buy a bunch & distro them when you leave on tour this summer! people need to hear this shit.
one very interesting part about the zine is even though all the bands are pretty different from each other most of the interviews echo each other & agree that halifax punk is hard as fuck & thriving all the way out here, east of nowhere. our geographic isolation isn't keeping people from being interested either. every week I get emails from people who read this blog & keep up to date with our scene. these people are from russia, from south africa, from mexico, from australia. it's weird but it doesn't surprise me. I think the local bands here are better than the local bands most everywhere else. in fact, I feel like if we weren't completely out of the way, in a completely different timezone than the most populated places in north america, halifax would burst & be regarded as a punk paradise like all the other punk famous cities we like to fictionalize & romanticize in our heads.

1. abject pax - weakness (live)
2. absolute hell - evisceration
3. blight - bagram (cheap nostalgia)
4. concrete asylum - concrete asylum
5. eekum seekum - pink dollar$
6. mean mug - I’ve been walking
7. napalm raid - essence of war
8. negative circles - eye contact
9. prmtv ccmltn - sabotage.domination
10. root rot - end of living
11. silent order - forward to death
12. slumlord - reverse gentrification (live)
13. vixens - hatefuck
14. word on the street - cut to the chase

to get a copy of LIFE FAIL 3 you can write to:

rosie davis
5653 cornwallis st.
halifax, nova scotia
b3k 1b6

or get in touch through

you can also view a scanned version of the entire zine by clicking here.
do not sleep on this! it's a definite must have.

moving onto other but related news, there are two all ages punk shows coming up this weekend with similar line ups.

saturday, april 21, 2012


@ shake it dance (5523 cornwallis st.)
6:00pm/5$/all ages

sunday april 22nd, 2012



this is a house show. ask around for the address.

WEAK LINK are a hardcore band on tour from st. john's, nfld. I don't really know much about them but I hear their name once & awhile. I feel like they better be amazing if they warrant having a weekend named after them.

ASSHOLE ADULT are a punk band from st. john's as well, featuring members of tied down & margaret thrasher. I am so stoked for this band. they've already managed to make it onto a couple of my springtime mixtapes.
whether you're a tough guy bro shorts hardcore type or a scrappy punk with a dread mullet & shitty tattooos who wants to get fucked up in a tiny basement, one of these nights will likely leave you feeling at home.

to end this update I'll leave you with a link to this neat article. it's all about underground spaces in town & although we all know who the subjects are it's still worth reading.
sometimes I wonder if halifax is unique at all? do we do these things out of necessity or because it's just what punks do? if halifax had a reliable diy all ages venue would we still have house shows? why does everything in this city flourish & then seemingly die just as quickly?
whatever. I'm stoked we're on the upswing right now.

keep in touch & send us any shit @

- ryley samantha

ps: check out the details for HARBOUR WATER FEST 3 by clicking the button on the side bar. it's going to be so real. don't miss out!

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