Thursday, March 15, 2012

sores - demo tape (2012) review & download

truro, nova scotia; a town of just over 12,000 people about an hour away from halifax. unexpectedly, truro has a lot of really cool punk & hardcore bands calling it home.
to be honest I haven't ever been to a show in truro & I wonder what I'm missing when I hear bands like sores.
weird, spazzy punk with screamed distorted vocals & odd effects. they are not a beautiful band. they make strange punk noise all mangled & fucked with experimental hardcore influences.
check out the free download & grab a copy of this on tape the next time sores make it down to hali, or the next time you take a punk rock field trip up to truro.
note to self: make friends with truro punx this summer.


- ryley samantha

SIDENOTE: this our hundredth post. thanks to everyone who has been involved with diyhfx so far. it's really cool getting emails from all over the world (russia, south africa, the u.k.) & having strangers being interested in what punks are doing in the maritimes.
we want more contributors though! please get in touch if you want to write for diyhfx.

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