Thursday, February 9, 2012

tongan death grip - "chula vista" LP (2011) review & download

tongan death grip are really the pinnacle of halifax's characteristic garage power pop punk sound.
I've heard them referred to as "THE tongan" before.
leading up to it's release, this record had an enormous amount of well deserved buzz surrounding it. released by the notable foreign label, p-trash records, it's full of hooks & high kicks. the songs rarely make it past the two minute mark which helps this record move along quickly & fluently without ever boring the listener.
it's clean & crisp but still punk as fuck which is not surprising considering lead singer craig hamlin's status as one of halifax's most dedicated punk enthusiasts.
for the almost three full seasons it's been out, "chula vista" has been solely available on 12" vinyl, often being delivered door to door locally by the band. as of recently we've finally been graced with a faithful digital rip of this destined to be classic LP.
throw this on & think of warm weather.

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- ryley samantha

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