Friday, February 17, 2012

show photos & review - valentines @ 5793 north.

Going to punk rock shows has always been a big deal to me and it seems that no show is without its draw. Eekum Seekum, Root Rot, and the Vixens have all been playing shows lately, but I've been out of town and the draw for this show was definitely getting to see all these bands for the first time.

Eekum Seekum started the night and I think that they are the kind of queer punk band that you secretly wish was your project; scrappy, covered in glam, and spitting blood. Their set was somewhere between hardcore and pop punk, alternating between fast guitar screaming vox and catchier musical bits with gang shouts. Eekum Seekum seemed a bit out of practice, botching the start of one their songs, but it was still unfortunate that such a good band had to get stuck with the first band slot when everyone is still too self conscious to dance.

Root Rot was the next band up. This band seemed to really fit with the projector set-up that was being done for the show. Despite the fact that I am sure no one in this band supports dead pigeons, the rather grim reel of lifeless birds playing behind them matched really well with their anarcho punk music. I noticed some kids singing along to some of their songs and made me really wish I knew the words.

Closing the night was the Vixens. The Vixens combine fast, mosh-inducing instrumentation with retching vocals. The audience (myself included) seemed more than happy to be the gutter to the vixens vomit vox and there was a small but solid pit flailing happily along pretty much from the minute the band got on.

Eekum Seekum referred to the vixens as one of their crush bands earlier in the night, and it isn't hard to see where comments like that come from. By far the most disappointing part of their set was the ending, even with the encore it seemed too short.
In fact, the whole night seemed too short.

words: feather
photos: devon berquist & ryley samantha

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