Thursday, February 16, 2012

show photos & review - feb 5th @ the orphanage

Let's me be honest here. I have been lazy. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to give a fuck about anything lately. Most of my energy is spent convincing myself to get out of bed, bumming cigarettes off my roommates, and watching youtube videos. So at the end of the day I have little energy left to do actual cool shit like maintain meaningful relationships or contribute to punk blogs. 

That being said, while I'm waiting for this video to load and my tobacco-baring roommates to come home (I'm not even joking, how sad is that?), I will attempt to review a show that took place almost two weeks ago.  

  • This show was at my house. A house that is generally very messy, However we cleaned it top to bottom for the show, and until a few days ago it stayed that way. 
  • This show was a potluck. My favourite dishes were: Pan rolls, Sweet potato fries, Bruschetta, and Meatless balls. ha.

  • Jakery was joined by Laura, who added their voice and occasional drumming to Jake's sparse uke tunes. 
  • The songs were simple and straight forward "folk-punk" songs, yet Jake writes really interesting melodies that are somewhat awkward and a definite highlight for me.

  • Ryley played mostly new songs off of her new (out of print?) tape.
  • "The tiny failures we can't help but repeat" is one of my current favourite lyrics.

  • Sockfoot are heartwarmers. Just watching Julia and Mary giggle and make jokes warms my cold black heart. 
  • A big posi sing-a-long to their song Sluglove was pretty epic. wuh-uh-ooh-ooh-woh-oh-oh-oh?

  • Rae Spoon was the "super-secret-guest", and the real reason everyone was out on a school night. 
  • They played a whole set of new material.
  • They played solo with loop petals, vocal effects, and drum tracks. 
  • It was awesome. 
  • I felt like I was at a dance party in a dive bar, not a Sunday evening potluck.
  • So I danced. 
  • In the kitchen.

  • With Molly.

-Rob Banks
-Photos by Rosie Toes

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