Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 recap - rosie toes (diy hfx resident photographer)

Around Christmastime last year I had my feelings hurt by some friends who complained loudly right in front of me about how no one in our group takes photos. Looking back, what they said, while hurtful, was true. The photos I was taking were embarrassingly bad.
Lucky for me, that same week I had received my first digital SLR as a gift from a friend. I started taking photography more seriously, and now I can't even fathom going to a show without a camera.
I'm still learning a lot, and I still tend to take about 300 shots a night in order to get some I really love, but I feel like I made great progress in the last year.
To celebrate, here are 10 of my favorite shots from 2011.

Stagnant Stars - Mistake Makers Tour Kickoff
Rumble Strips - Rumble Strips Tour Kickoff
The Graboids - Kencrest ave
Jackfish - Roberts Street Social Center
Bramble - Harbour Water Fest 2 Kickoff
Mallory Knox - Dandy & Celeste's Wedding
Dead Lights - Ottawa
Snail Party - House Of Leaves
Vixens - The Purple House
Castle Wolfenstein - The Burrow
♥ Rosie Toes

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