Monday, January 9, 2012

show photos & review - january 6th @ fern lane

a few friends & I showed up a little past 8:00 for this show. walking inside we were immediately greeted by dozens of punks all swimming in a sea of olands & dryce.

I knew my way around & immediately headed down to the basement where I heard noise & smelled smoke. I hid my backpack & jacket behind a few particle boards out of sight & pulled out a beer of my own. through the walls of the tiny semi-soundproof room that contained the show I heard something I recognized but was not expecting... VIXENS!
shoving my way through the cramped doorway & into the room I saw a bunch of familiar faces & my favourite local band rocking the fuck out. I'm still in awe every time I see them play, especially while watching julia, the drummer beat the shit out of her drums. she hits harder than anyone else & inspires me to continue playing & get better at drums.
after vixens killed it I hung around upstairs in the kitchen & mingled with some folks I'm gradually getting more comfortable around. one of my friends was in a really sour mood & I felt a bit helpless, not knowing what to say to him. I sometimes forget that punk shows aren't the peak of everyone's week like they are for me.
some more folks I know arrived & we went back down into the basement to stake out a spot. once again, another band I wasn't expecting but love, CONCRETE ASYLUM, went on.


these folks have really grown on me since the first time I saw them back in early december. their demo tape has been subject to a steady pattern of pressing rewind, play, rewind, play for the past week or two in my bedroom. I'm really excited to see what happens next with them. I highly recommend checking out their tape. their set was fast, tight, fun & to the point. best of all they managed to get the crowd moving around & dancing a bit.

tasha, the drummer for countless halifax punk bands & troy, the guitarist for spew & hellacaust played a few songs together in between bands. I wasn't in the room at the time but I assume it was promising.

a couple weeks ago there was a house show on windsor that NAPALM RAID were supposed to play. it got shut down by the police somewhat expectedly, so I was glad to have another chance to see these folks outside of the typical bar setting.
napalm raid are straight up doom worship & everyone went off for them. it was hard to hold your ground. reckless crowdsurfing, dust falling from the ceiling, & beer spilling down your shirt all equals fun. I got hit in the face more than once by tuesday's dreads & probably absorbed as much beer through my skin as I did drinking that night.


we stuck around for another hour or so & caught SILENT ORDER, playing their redeeming set after the hilarious epic drunk fail a few weeks ago. solid dudes playing awesome tunes.

I felt a bit smothered by the amount of smoke in the air & started getting a little claustrophobic & decided to bail early on. as we were leaving it seemed like the show was really just getting started as more & more punks came in through the front door.
other than the stupid fucking tools who felt it necessary to criticize my appearance & character up & down, this was a fucking brilliant show with some of the best punks around.
one suggestion to our lovely hosts though... get rid of those screws & nails poking out of the ceiling. please.

words : ryley samantha
photos : devon berquist

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