Tuesday, January 17, 2012

show photos & review - january 14th @ shake it dance

I had a lovely date with three friends planned for this night. they picked me up at my house & swooned me with a bouquet of fake flowers. I had been anticipating the show all week, but for the past short while I've been fostering a rescue dog named mori & didn't feel comfortable leaving her behind, so with a leash in one hand & a bottle of granville island winter ale in the other I braved the cold with my pals & headed off.


key teens, a three piece made up of members of mistake makers & the rumble strips opened up the show. unfortunately as I was trying to make sure mori was settled in with her little bed & food dish in the apartment above I only caught the last few notes of their already short set. I felt discouraged because they were the reason I came out that night. regardless I heard nothing but good things & you can likely expect these folks to be a more constant fixture at upcoming shows.

wasting no time, root rot started setting up, switching on amps & adding a lot of echoing reverb to the mix. this band gets tighter & more confident every time I see them. they seem to be embracing their anarcho punk influences, unveiling a new drum skin with a gorgeous crass records inspired logo. musically they fall somewhere between moral hex & dekoder except with screechier high pitch vocals & more repetitive simplistic drum patterns. their songs come across like a post punk anarcho PSA. for some reason I think it'd be really suiting to see them singing into modified megaphones in the future. maybe that's just me. my opinion of them is slightly altered each time they perform, which luckily seems to be happening more frequently.



between bands & I ran upstairs to the apartment above the studio to check on mori, the little pit/lab mix & make sure she was still relaxed. I could tell she was a little nervous in the new environment so I made sure to make more frequent visits up for the rest of the night.

slumlord filled the venue & played a sick set of thrashy, trashy motorhead influenced punk. this is the kind of band you raise your beer to & then don't give a fuck when you spill it on the leather jacket of the person standing next to you. no fucks given. folks started moving around a little more & the drunk punks who were too cool for the first two bands came from outside & rocked out up front.


up next was the legendary scribbler. I can't really remember the last time I saw them. maybe at gus' a few years back, or maybe that was journalists, wolf? or maybe at r4$ during the summer, or maybe that was fuck montreal? or some weird chief thundercloud improv noise set? I don't know. I couldn't really remember which band was which since these radiator kids get around & are so prolific with every project.
they have this bizarre noisy, folky, distorted howling strange indie sound. I'm sure if you stripped them down, took away all the effects pedals & all the distortion they'd have a pretty simple melodic foundation. the best thing about this band though is how much colour, no matter how bleak, they can paint over their song structures.



in between bands I dozed off a little bit on the floor of my friends room, curled up & sharing a dog bed with mori.


finishing off the eclectic night was eviction party, a grizzled pop punk zombie from a few years back.
as they hung up their banner in the corner a few die hard fans crowded up front & got ready to belt out the favourites.
although it was fun to once again revisit & sing along to "walmart at midnight" & other songs I knew, the highlight of their set was hearing the new material. at first I thought they were busting out covers of some obscure pop punk bands I didn't know, but it turns out it was all new eviction party.



during the last few songs I ran back upstairs & started collecting my things, along with the puppy & mumbled along to the faint familiar noises coming through the walls.
it took awhile to get on the move but I eventually found my dates, who I regretfully didn't spend much time with & headed home happy to the west side of the commons with our little crew.

words: ryley samantha
photos: rosie toes (except for the ones of key teens, which were taken by cara)

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