Tuesday, January 31, 2012

shocking grasp - "fighter slave" demo (2011) review & download

made up of members of the long dead crimson tides, shocking grasp are a relatively new punk band in halifax from what I understand.
the songs are hasty, snotty & straight up filthy sounding.
sonically it feels like the tape is coming out of a different decade, so much that it actually threw me off a bit the first time I listened to it.
the songs bring a few things to mind, mostly being wasted & getting thrown into a pile of broken glass. I feel drunk & sore only a few songs in. I might be pissing myself too. it's wonderful though.
they're lyrically simplistic, but there's really no need for frills here.
it'd be really apt to see these folks live in a tiny basement or a shitty dive bar with bottles falling off the amps & a bunch of scummy punks screaming along.
shocking grasp haven't been playing live locally, or if they have I haven't heard about it which is a shame because I can already picture myself standing up front getting pains in my neck from rocking out.

try to get the tape if you can. it sounds better & has this really neat clear acetate cover art. in the meantime I found a download link on another blog so check it out for free by clicking here.
thanks to dave for giving me a copy of this for free a few weeks ago & vonfrostpunk.wordpress.com for uploading it first.

- ryley samantha

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