Friday, January 6, 2012

bitterfucked/murderous bastards split EP review & download

this e.p. starts out with five instrumental accordion tracks from halifax's bitterfucked, the moniker of a space cadet named feather who you've likely seen busking on the waterfront, tearing shit up in snail party, or running around the streets, bare foot in the middle of the night.
I'm looking outside right now & it's sunny & some of the snow is melting & I'm tricking myself into believing that spring is coming. these songs feel like they're similarly waiting for warmer weather. waiting for those few months when we can get drunk outside, tag the city, explore roof tops, kiss our crushes & break bottles in parking lots with our sleeves cut off.
the songs are beautiful & sad most of the time, sometimes sounding a little doomy. these are the kind of songs I expect to hear being played at the end, maybe on a sinking ship full of crusties & skids?
following the bitterfucked half are three acoustic folk punk songs from the murderous bastards. these boys are from calgary & have made quite an impact on me since moving here. their music is mostly autobiographical & deal with topics like drug use, feeling homesick, sex & nostalgia. it all seems slightly snarky with a touch of bitterness about the past. musically they take notes from other similar bands before them & stick in the C, G, Am, F neighbourhood for the most part. mogli david from snail party sings on a couple tracks & helps the subtle melodies come through a little stronger.
simple folk punk for people who are into bands like johnny hobo, whiskey smile, asking for it, etc...
check it out by clicking on the artwork.

- ryley samantha


  1. hey, I'm unable to extract the files because of invalid file names. Could that be fixed?

  2. I just downloaded & extracted the files without problem. not sure what the issue is. ahh!

  3. I got the same problem. Bummer.

  4. maybe it's a difference between macs and pcs?

  5. has anyone successfully downloaded this record? there's over 30 downloads on it...
    the files are in mp4 which from what I understand won't play on windows media player?
    I'm going to convert the files to mp3 & then re-upload them?

  6. I just re uploaded the record. let me know if there are issues & if not I'll continue to only upload music in mp3 format.