Friday, January 20, 2012

abject pax - live set (2011) download

this is a live set from a newish halifax punk band called abject pax, featuring members of vixens, last laugh, contagium & concrete asylum.
the first thing I'm thinking while listening to this recording is that I really wish more bands would start their set by just screaming their band name really loud. ABJECT PAX! ABJECT PAX! I think that's what's going on. it sounds like there's faint back up vocals at point but I could just be hearing things (the crowd?) & filling in the blanks between the main vocal breaks.
I don't know the origin of this recording or how old it is, but I like to pretend I was there when it was being recorded. it makes it more fun to listen to.
I wouldn't throw this on regularly but it makes me excited to hear a proper demo, not saying a live demo can't be a "real demo", I just have a feeling this band has a bit more to offer than a shitty live recording.


- ryley samantha

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