Thursday, December 15, 2011

weekend dads s/t 7" (2011) review

goose was nice enough to give me a copy of this 7" a few weeks ago & although it took me a little while to actually throw on, it's certainly been flipped back & forth from the a side to the b side more than a dozen times in my room by now.
the weekend dads are a pop punk band & there's nothing here on this record you haven't heard already. these chords have been played over & over by every other punk band you grew up listening to & I guess there's a good reason for that… they work. the chord progressions & melodies on this piece of wax are familiar & never really let you down. you know what to expect half the time & there's nothing wrong with that. it's easy to sing along to & your fists practically already know when to pump with the stops.
 I fucking love this record, with all of it's beautiful simplicity & the nostalgia it tends to evoke. it's brevity works in it's favour because I inevitably end up dropping the needle down again immediately after it finishes. repeated listens have happened & so far I'm not bored.
I kind of wish the record didn't come with any of the lyrics. sometimes it's much more fun to instil your own meanings to the songs. for instance, the line, "on an old bridge, on a rainy night, pick myself up, it's gonna end right"… well, I don't really need to know what the rest of the song is about because that one line, that's what stands out & that's what I'm singing along to & I know exactly what it means for me.
another example, in a song that seems to be about consumerism & dead end mall jobs, the line, "why have we all come here? why do we leave in tears? why don't we all throw in the towel?" …it just makes me think of the crowded party I left sad & drunk last night & the hangover I'm currently nursing.
other than the swirly pink & white cover art which is making my headache pulse & my eyes sore this record is nearly flawless & it exactly what I want to be singing along to on a friday night, even if I'm just mumbling or making up my own words.

listen here.

- ryley

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