Thursday, December 15, 2011

show review & photos - dec 9th punk show

Concrete Asylum are a fast hardcore band made up of kids who have paid their dues in the scene, and in my opinion rarely produce anything less than great. This band complies to that. Everything super fast. Shouted, pacing vocals and tight transitions (despite this being their second or third show). This rules.
Last week I was listening to these "Crass Records" compilation LP's that a friend of mine got at a gothic christmas market (WTF?), and Root Rot would fit perfectly on them. Three ladies taking turns reverb-screaming over driving tom drums and dancey bass lines. These folks don't take themselves too seriously and were clearly having fun, which made me have fun. This rules.
This was only my second time seeing Castle Wolfenstien, and yet I can safely say that they are one of my favourite Halifax bands. I guess they're a screamo band, but the best parts are when they embrace their black metal influences. I would maybe call them a metalcore band if metalcore meant what it sounded like and not something totally different. This rules.
Primitive Accumulation warm the cockles of my heart (Once again, WTF?). They're a bunch of weird dudes who don't give a fuck. This band is fast, raw, and noisy. Somehow the image of the lead singer screaming to the ceiling in rubber boots reminds me what punk is. This rules.
Years ago the singer of Wires was the frontman of an emo band that sounded like Rites of Spring, So needless to say I was excited for wires to come play Halifax's favourite dance school. Wires is not an emo band. They are a raunchy, crusty band and yet this guy still kills it at the mic. They took themselves pretty seriously and got noticeably shook up when things went a little awry, which was kind of isolating. They do however help solidify my speculation that Truro's main export is awesome punk bands. This rules.
All ages show in a space that seems like it might become somewhat of a permanent fixture in the punk scene. This rules. Full house on a night when there were a number of events going on. This rules. Everyone was generous and threw down what they could. This rules. Primitive Accumulation sold a handful of tapes. This rules. Kids got rowdy without fucking shit up. This rules. I ordered pizza, drank a 2 litre of root beer, read a few chapters and went to bed beside my best friend. This ruled.

words : rob banks
photos : rosie toes

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