Thursday, December 22, 2011

ryley, the official sucker - mtl demo review & dl

Ryley, The Official Sucker - MTL DEMO (2011)

This tape is the first new thing from folk-punk all-star Ryley Beggs in over a year. It incorporates all the best parts of her previous work (FairyBoy, The Official Suckers), like uber-personal lyrics, a unique cadence and whisper to screaming delivery. Listening to Ryley's music is kind of like walking by someone's bedroom while their reading their journal aloud. You feel like you're getting a glimpse of something you're not supposed to see, and yet you can't turn away. Some of the production on this tape wasn't really working for me at first, maybe because I was so used to the crispness of Ryley's other projects, but on my fourth or fifth listen now I'm starting to get into it.
If you've never hear this kid before, I suggest starting with The Official Sucker's Drink Water album. If you're already a fan, you'll love this. Old songs, new songs, covers, silly sound clips.

The first time I heard Ryley's music, I played her CDR in my band's parked van on repeat, draining the battery twice. That's evidence of a firm grasp on the heartstrings.


-Rob Banks

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