Thursday, November 24, 2011

show photos/review - november 19th @ shake it dance

A long day of dry-cleaning and lice treatment, mixed with one dollar (which as the night progressed turned into zero dollar) cups of keg beer, put me in a pretty spacey mood. Minor details may have been forgotten, so this is gonna be brief.
fRAME made the trip up (down?, fuck geography) from Truro. Truro bands rule. fRAME are super tight hardcore. If you like hardcore music, you WILL like fRAME.
I love pop-punk. I am a Halifax punk. Until Saturday I had never seen The Hemmingways. Needless to say this was a big event for me. Fast and loud. Dorky and balding. It was well worth the wait. This was by far my favourite set of the night.
Thalidomy Kids cancelled, which sucks because I was really looking forward to seeing them. Oh well.
Fat Stupids filled in. I like this band. Pretty straight forward Ramones worship. They even kicked out a few Ramones covers with the help of The Hemmingways drummer filling in for Joey.
Make No Gains took the stage as the party's hosts and played songs from their new 7 inch. They somehow seem to get heavier every time I see them. It might just be because of the dreadhawk and metal faces that their bass player sports.
(Extra props to the door person/bartender/merch person. She was so smiley and happy that it really made my night)

words - rob banks
b&w photos - devon berquist
colour photos - helen pike

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