Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the fat stupids - EP (2011) download & review

THE FAT STUPIDS are a three piece pop punk band featuring members of almost every other good halifax pop punk band.
recently they released a demo EP which is now streaming online at their bandcamp page.
I'm pretty sure they've released a physical version as well but whether it's on cd/vinyl/tape, I'm not sure.
these dudes play all over town all the time so it should be easy to track them down for a copy, just pop your head into gus' randomly, or head on down to reflections on a monday night for R4$.
expect a few essential "onetwothreefour" count ins & the characteristic three chord progressions with melodic dual vocals sitting perfectly in the mix. halifax seems to have the ramones influenced pop punk sound down perfectly with other similar sounding local bands like outtacontroller, the graboids, tongan death grip, who all incidentally are amazing & share members with THE FAT STUPIDS.
these dudes are also really nice & will probably offer you a beer if you talk to them.
they are made up of craig, matt & mike.

bandcamp is here.

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