Sunday, September 11, 2011

show photos / review - september 9th @ the house of leaves




You might have walked past the House of Leaves in the early morning hours and been surprised by the crowd in the lot beside: big boisterous bunch of folks running after a basketball, cheering new four square rules, smiling and having all kinds of fun. Makes me want to put exclamation points all over this thing. I'll try to be restrained!
All night it was really fun. The show was marked by big pans of good grub, dramatic yet comfortable lighting, and totally engaging performances. The mood seemed to escalate as the night got darker, even though the music was through at a totally reasonable 11 o'clock! Without singling too many folks out, I can happily report that I have a couple new favorite bands, whose careers will doubtlessly be long and exciting. And what a variety! Solo guitar singers, a "folk orchestra", super creative original music and re-inventions of old/timeless tunes. . .

Halifax isn't a city I get out to very often, but I think it gets better every time. You're in good hands, whoever you are!

Review: Dylan Taylor (Bum Tickins)
Photos: Rosie Toes



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