Tuesday, September 6, 2011

contagium - "tour tape 2011" & "archaic LP" FREE DOWNLOAD

contagium are one of my favourite local bands. they've been pretty prolific over the few years they've been a band, doing long cross continental tours & releasing all of their music online for free. I've had people in other cities ask me if I know the dudes in contagium, or if I get to see them all the time? this makes me think they have a pretty big following outside of halifax.
either way, they just released a tour demo on cassette for their 2011 cross canada tour, which just came to an end on sunday, & have offered up the tracks for free online.
some people call them "masters of stenchcore" but I don't know what that really means. I'd describe them as scary, unrelenting crust with echoing screams that sound like they were being beaten out of someone in a dark underground cave.
I really like it. the quality of the recording & brevity of the tape really works.

they have an LP called archaic which is also available for free online. you can order the physical LP from total end records.



find out more about their shows & albums on their blogspot... http://contagiumcrust.blogspot.com/

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