Monday, August 29, 2011

show photos & review - august 26th @ the purple house

we started clearing everything out of the purple house's kitchen around 4:30 pm. taking giant potted plants, shoes, bookshelves & food & stuffing them anywhere else they could fit, in the basement, in vince's bedroom & in the backyard. eventually with many people on the job we cleared out the entire room & started figuring out how to place the p.a. in a comfortable way.
a couple hours later, the backyard started to fill up with dogs, & a bunch of kids waiting around & drinking free propeller root beer.
the night went by quickly & mostly smoothly. unfortunately the show got shut down a half hour before we planned to cut it (at 9:30 pm!) just as vixens were setting up their gear. I was pretty upset, but after seeing how happy & stoked everyone was regardless, & after no charges were made, just a warning, we decided to count our blessings & save the rest for another show.
we managed to squeeze in five other bands, including touring dreamboats TIED DOWN & POLINA
from st. john's, nfld who stole the show.
at one point in the night, standing outside during burnt church's set, vince & I looked at each other in amazement. the house was practically rumbling & we had no idea how we were pulling it all off. seeing a bunch of ridiculously sweaty folks bumping around in that tiny kitchen up against the fridge made my face hurt from smiling so hard. also, witnessing anyone climbing up & crowd surfing off the counters always makes my night.

rosie took these photos! did you take any photos? send them our way!
thanks to the purple house & everyone involved in making this probably the heaviest & most fun house show in recent memory.

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  1. I'll have photos sometime in the not too distant future. Have to sort through shit tonight.