Tuesday, August 16, 2011

show photos - august 15th @ the skatepark

we showed up a little late to this & missed castle wolfenstein, but it was still quite a time. a lot of folks trashing around, secretly pouring drinks into travel mugs & other folks just drinking tall cans out in the open, all while a few punk bands played.
it was a surprise to arrive & find the nfld punks in TIED DOWN & POLINA there, setting up their equipment. they were added to the show last minute & played short sets, but it made me even more pumped for their return at the end of august when they come back east again (aug 26th @ the purple house!).
I believe this was a fundraiser put on by proskates to help rebuild/maintain some aspects of the commons skatepark. judging by the amount of people there, I think there was a lot of support & interest. it made me wonder where there aren't outdoor generator fueled shows at the skatepark more often. such a good idea...

here are some photos that rosie toes took of TIED DOWN & POLINA (& also some random people skating around).

a couple other locals played & were tight from what I remember. we showed up just as word on the street were ending (literally. it was their last show), & saw cousins as well as one other band. can you identify the three piece in the photo below? maybe bloodhouse?

check out more of rosie's photos here. we also own the domain WWW.DIYHALIFAX.CA now which is kind of cool. tell your friends & leave us a comment, or send some photos to us! I saw a few other photographers there.
summer rules.


  1. the unidentified three piece are called WEC. two of the members play in castle wolfenstein. yeeeaawww

  2. Watermelon Eating Contest, yah?