Friday, July 15, 2011

the graboids - "aftershocks" - free e.p. download!

the graboids - "aftershocks" (2011)

1. 11.57
2. skate
3. he can't help it
4. flip em' the bird
5. my girlfriend's a robot

another batch of songs from halifax's own graboids. earlier this year they released their debut self titled 7" which quickly enjoyed repeated listens in my bedroom, & now they've put up another five song e.p. online for free.
I love this band. their live show usually involve a ridiculous masked & shirtless frontman diving into the crowd & pulling off cheesy, dramatic moves with the mic stand. if you don't smile & dance your heart out, or at the very least nod your head a bit when these folks play, I don't know what to say.
they are a live band first without a doubt. that being said, it's appropriate to get stoked & listen to their records even if you're just at home playing jenga with your friends, ordering pizza, & contemplating who gets the last beer of the dry ice eight pack in the fridge.
the songs on this e.p. are about simple things like being addicted to cigarettes & wondering why the fuck you ever started smoking, getting drunk & trying to thrash on your skate, local punk dreamboat myles deck, & giving people the finger instead of verbally confronting them.
learn the words, go to a show & you'll have the mic put in your face so fast you'll feel like you're the one fronting this band.
yeah! local punk!

click on the album art up above to download the e.p. (but be sure to buy their 7" as well, cause it's even better)

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