Monday, June 20, 2011

vixens - "baptism demo" (2011) download

so, last saturday I went to gus' alone for tongan death grip's 12" release (which they didn't actually receive in time, but it'll be out soon hopefully) & among others, saw a band called VIXENS who I had only heard of up until then.
I was completely taken aback. I stood pretty still paying close attention but in my head I was losing my shit. I don't think I've ever seen any other band in halifax like them. since I started playing drums earlier this year all I really do now when I see bands is watch the drummer & try & learn. I couldn't keep up. fucking crazy! I loved them. they set the mood for the rest of the night for me.
they were the band I wanted to be in.

they just put a demo online which you should check out. it's at their bandcamp for free download. they'll have a tape version soon, & I heard they touring in early august?
beware, it's pretty harsh & relentless but I completely love it.

vixens - "baptism demo" (2011) click here!

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