Tuesday, June 14, 2011

stagnant stars - "mumble like you mean it" (2011) download!

stagnants stars - "mumble like you mean it" (2011)

1. revel in the fight
2. read the side streets out
3. I'm starting to doubt this shit makes us stronger
4. I could hear it in your voice
5. present ghosts with no-show bodies
6. north end lost
7. our decay
8. mumble like you mean it

recorded over the winter of 2010/early 2011 at the floodhouse in halifax, ns.

this is a really special band made up of two ridiculously talented boys. they've been spending most of their time for the past year & a half hiding in a slightly soundproof room at the ghostly industrial end of clifton street practicing, recording & waiting for it all to come together.
well it did, & this record & their subsequent supporting tours are what came out of those long months spent indoors.
this debut full length sounds like the screaming of a dead east coast city as it falls down a little drunk in the slushy frost waiting for morning to come.
now they're heading away back west in a white van to find a new landscape to brood over & write about. I will miss them as friends but am excited to hear how the vast prairie will shape their sound as a band.

stagnant stars:
jawsh carson - guitar, drums, vox
taylor doyle - drums, guitar, vox

download their record from their bandcamp page by clicking the art up above. be sure to spare a few bucks because they have a long way back to alberta & every dollar counts.

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  1. download link is now broken/bandcamp is devoid of content. these guys were soooo amazing is there any way to find their stuff now?