Tuesday, June 14, 2011

brain fever - selftitled 12" (2011) DOWNLOAD!

brain fever (2011)

1. we begin
2. windowsills
3. the hunt
4. noah constrictor
5. it's in the water
6. riddle
7. mountainous
8. technitude
9. fuck these walls
10. desperate times
11. princess
12. moments like these
13. we end

okay, maybe brain fever aren't local. they're from calgary but they recently just came out here on tour at the end of may & we all really fell for them.
I picked up their new 12" & it's been on an almost constant rotation in my bedroom. you should really consider either ordering the record from them or downloading it for free by clicking on the album art up above (if you can, add a few virtual dollars... they add up). also, I think they'd be stoked if you spread the word about them & shared these songs with your friends.
I don't know quite how to describe them... grindy spastic posthardcore?

they are made up of...
noah - drums
alex - bass
vanessa - vox
nick - guitar

& are all wonderful kids.


  1. brain fever are amazing!! i've shown them to lots of people in tasmania and they're really into them! tour? australia? yes?

    1. hi grointhief!
      thanks for showing us to your friends!
      we'd love to tour australia but don't see it being viable in the near future. i am an australian citizen though, and i've been wanting to return to the homeland for a while. fingers crossed?